A Global Transportation Data Protocol With Decentralized Applications

CarBlock Vision

By putting data back in the hands of the car owners, CarBlock is set to facilitate a more data-driven business and build a decentralized ecosystem for the future transportation industry.

Ensure Data Ownership

Ensure car owners control 100% of the data by utilizing data encryption and blockchain technology.

Facilitate Data Circulation

Using a blockchain-based data market to enable data transaction and allow users to cash out their valuable data.

Revitalize Automotive Industry

Facilitate a more data-driven economy and revitalize the next wave of innovation.


A transportation data protocol to ensure safe data collection and storage, providing necessary infrastructure and system integration for all decentralized applications in the transportation industry.

CarBlock Scenarios

CarBlock will change the current business landscape and facilitate innovative applications with enormous market potential and amazing value proposition.


Auto insurance companies can boost their competitive edge by using CarBlock data to optimize their premium modeling and offer more tailored and flexible packages to customers. Car owners can also enjoy better pricing by authorizing insurance companies access to their car’s data and pay with CAR tokens to get their insurance coverage.

P2P Rentals

Through hardware enabled data collection and smart contracts, CarBlock eliminates unnecessary conflicts, any ambiguity in responsibilities and the loss of potential property for P2P rental transactions. CarBlock also provides greater safety and ease of use for P2P rental applications.

Used Car Dealerships

The immutability of the data on the CarBlock blockchain allows for the creation of trustworthy vehicle reports for used car transactions. Data owners can earn CAR tokens in exchange for granting third parties access to their data. Used car buyers and sellers can form better deals and enjoy safer transactions, knowing that the vehicle’s conditions have been verified with real data and smart contracts.

A Taste of The Future

Easily control how your driving data is being transferred and used, and enjoy a better ride with apps & products in the CarBlock ecosystem.

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