《CAR Mall Manual》

Why should you use CAR Tokens to buy goods?
CarBlock is the world's first blockchain-based transportation solution backed by working applications. Based on its own ecosystem, CarBlock provides many goods and services for customer automobiles. Customers pay with CAR Tokens to get lower priced, higher quality goods and services than those that pay with legal currencies.

How to get CAR Tokens?
The best choice is to purchase the smart all-dimensional car data mining machine. After binding it with the ZUS app, you can easily get CAR Tokens via mining. You can also get CAR Tokens through purchases in digital currency exchanges.

How to use CAR Tokens?
In CAR Mall, every item and service in the mall can be paid for by CAR Tokens. Earn interest by selling your CAR Tokens in the digital currency exchanges.

Payment process
Add the item you want to buy to your shopping cart. Then, choose your method of payment (ZUS payment or wallet payment). When you choose to pay with ZUS, you only need to enter your ZUS account password and delivery information to complete the purchase. When you choose to pay with your digital currency wallet, follow the instructions to use your wallet to pay for CAR Tokens in the order amount. Once you have transferred CAR Tokens to the official wallet address, we will send you an email shortly to confirm that the purchase is completed.

Other notes
Due to the different inventory and shipping methods in each region, we will manually proofread your information and provide you with the delivery information after sending out the goods. Items with problems not related to quality cannot be returned. CAR Token is an encrypted digital currency that will change its value as the market fluctuates. After you purchase the goods, we will not bear the price difference due to market fluctuations.